Another Windows Vista Issue

Posted in General by Chucky on the January 29th, 2008

It baffles me how Microsoft can expect us to adopt Windows Vista whole heartily. They’re not asking us to, they’re forcing us to. Try and buy a computer with Windows XP on it. Slim pickings. Try and buy an OEM copy of Windows XP. Slim pickings. I actually called them the other day to talk about upgrading one of my clients from XP HOME to XP PRO. “No, we don’t sell that anymore”. He then went on to tell me I should load an illegal copy and purchase the get-licensed thing through the web site. He then said he didn’t tell me that.

This is BULLS**T. You know why? 90% of the people I know have older printers. Older printers that don’t work on Vista. I just did a desktop transfer using the built in Microsoft Transfer tool. Where is my start menu? Where are my quick launch icons? Internet Explorer is completely different. Suddenly I have a desktop background instead of a colour. Half of my applications are missing from the programs menu. I follow the steps and use the software MICROSOFT provides, yet, I would have been better off copy and pasting the 3 magic folders (DOCUMENTS, DESKTOP & FAVOURITES) from one profile to the next. Instead I wasted 2 hours waiting for the magically useless “Windows Easy Transfer” to half do its job. Oh, and now I have to sift/BATTLE my way through folders that keep telling me “Access is denied”. Really? Who owns this computer? And I still haven’t figured out where all my old Start menu items are stored. Maybe in 6 different hidden secure folders spanned across this computer, and another one on planet Mars.

 99% of custom built applications just do not work properly on Vista. Sure, this is not Vista’s fault, but when your clients go out on the weekend and buy themselves a fancy new laptop, because they can, and the sales guy knows nothing about anything except what he will do with his commission, they end up with a Vista machine. So they come back to the office, BAM their accounting package doesn’t work. BAM, their printers don’t work. BAM, they open a word document - DOUBLE BAM, Office 2007.. They sit there stunned, thinking, what is this, did I buy a MAC?? Then, after they spend a MONTH learning how to use Microsoft Office 2007 they send their document to their colleague. The colloeague contacts them back, “What is this crap mate, I can’t open it???”. I feel like I’ve got my arm wedged up behind my back being forced to upgrade my Operating System, Office System, oh and now my computer runs like a wet wig, I have to upgrade my Computer System. I can just see the hardware manufacturers stock holders eyes gleaming everytime they hear about a new edition of any Microsoft Product.

We can make software to automate the operation of a space shuttle, but we can’t make software to JUST DO IT.

We all loyally follow Microsoft down this garden path, but we just left the path and hit the dirt. Did anyone notice? Not to worry, in 6 months time when we’ve all managed to convince our managers to take the step into Office 2007/Windows Vista, guess what??? NEW VERSION!!!!! Do it all again! Enough is ENOUGH!!!

Like one client said to me the other day; Lets go back to paper and pen, and I added, Lets get some Pigeons too!

Pen - v154.230 CHECK

Paper - v56.1234 CHECK

Pigeon - v124.013 CHECK

All set! Uh oh, its raining!

What is the Internet?

Posted in General, Internet, Our Environment by Chucky on the April 27th, 2007

A mouse is a mouse of course.In following the trend, I thought I would have a crack at this question/answer. The question is “What is the Internet?”. So what is the answer? Maybe a Hitchhikers Guide approach might shed some light on this..

The way I look at it, answering that question is easy: The Internet is merely a method of distributing data. Easy, done. Now, to delve deeper into this and use our brains, try re-jigging the question. What IS the Internet - becomes - What can the Internet do for us, What will the Internet do for us, What do we want the Internet to do for us. In finding the right question, we can take the Internet to the next level and evolve that little bit more.

I was having breakfast the other day with a good mate & colleague of mine and we were on the topic of technology and its uptake in the demographic-community. I like tell everyone my little story about how I think we (planet Earth) are only just at the first 1% of the Technology-Revolution (See Industrial Revolution for comparison). Take a meter ruler and put a dot at the start of it with a pen. That dot is the past 100 years of all the things we’ve done from harnessing Electricity, Telephone, TV, Colour TV, Computers, Mobile Phones, etc. That dot is how far we’ve come. Just IMAGINE the next 1,000 dots along that meter ruler. It is impossible to grasp or even imagine where we are heading. Something to look forward to!

InfanceyFor me, I’m looking forward to getting rid of this “Mouse” thing for good, perhaps using my thoughts to control my computer, and why do we have to look at these LCD screens anyway? Why can’t we just check our emails by thinking about it and then hearing the details in our mind? Just cast your mind back to Telegrams/Posting a letter in the mail (depending on your age!).

This has been a bit of a ramble, but I’m so passionate about the future. I’m pretty sure this passion was made even stronger after having two kids of my own! It is naive to think we’re peaking out right now when in fact, we’re nothing more than a baby that needs a diaper change.

The Customer is Always Right

Posted in General by Chucky on the January 22nd, 2007

There is an old saying, the customer is always right.

You better believe it!

There is nothing more important in business than a happy customer. If your customer is not happy, you have done something wrong. Whether that be not crossing a T or dotting an I, YOU have done something wrong. The most basic thing you can do for your customers in the I.T. world is manage your customers expectations. It is a common problem for us I.T. people to assume that because we know, they will know. We just do not think because we’re so caught up in thinking 5 steps ahead and how we get their and what to do after we get there. Pull it back a notch and do that later!

Treat everyone like they know nothing and work your way up. Otherwise your customer will become someone else’s customer and you won’t have a job!

Oh, and if you do stuff up, tell them. The truth goes a long way!

Been meaning to..

Posted in General by Chucky on the January 21st, 2007

Ever since I had a nifty solution to a problem, I wanted to share it with the world, but never got around to doing it.

Well not any more!

I run an I.T. company located in Brisbane, Queensland Australia. Many years ago, I completed a degree from QUT in Information Technology (Data Communications). I’ve worked in large corporations and enjoyed the time. I don’t miss the politics. I do miss the coffee breaks! We have specialists in IT infrastructure as well as C#.NET software development (Web&App). I like to sink my teeth into it all and have a very solid base in both.

Among other things, I intend to use this blog as an outlet for all those times I find a new/better way of doing something, or I just finish something that took forever and know someone else could benefit from.