Migrating from SBS 2003 to SBS 2003 (Hardware Upgrade)

Posted in Active Directory, Exchange Server 2003, SBS 2003 by Chucky on the March 11th, 2007

You’d think it would be a simple task, moving SBS Server 2003 to a new machine. Well, it isn’t. I ended up doing a lot of research and discovered lots of people wanting money in exchange for an easy to use guide in doing this. Well, it isn’t that hard!

1. Backup your server to another computers hard drive (tapes take too long for this)

2. Build your new server, load all the software, drivers, etc.

3. Jump on your current SBS server and rename it - it’s as simply as renaming a workstation!

4. Rename your new server as the old one was, same Name, Domain, IP, etc.

5. Unplug your old server from the network - they fight like cats and dogs if you leave it connected

6. Transfer your Active Directory to the new server - there are many ways to do this, whether you restore it from a backup (this wipes all your new hardware drivers, so last resort people), demoting/promoting etc.

7. Restore all files, shares, etc

8. Reboot, another one won’t hurt, hey

9. On the new server, find the Exchange data folder that you created during the setup wizard (make sure its the same drive/folder as the old server). Now you want to disable the MS Exchange Services. Go into services manager and stop them all.

10. Plug in your old server and copy across the exchange data to the folder in step 9.

10. Reboot.

11. Done.

12. No need for fancy Swing’s or Forklifts, or fairy’s with magic wands. Copy paste!

You may have to fiddle about a bit, google a few errors, but thats the basics. Enjoy!

Searching Public Folders Returning No Results

Posted in Exchange Server 2003, I.T. Support, Microsoft Product Support Services by Chucky on the February 5th, 2007

Ever noticed how that public folder is not returning any search results?

Ever wondered why?

I did, and did.

Microsoft have the solution here. Of course, to do it the quick way, you have to start making calls and possibly pay large amounts of money for a file that should be freely available to fix this problem.

Contacts don’t just corrupt themselves, what did? A User? Perhaps their session was ended for whatever reason while they where editing the record. So what? The software should be able to fix it, right? Why do I even need to know about it?

So take the long winded method of exporting contacts (hoping the export process doesn’t change and/or lose half the data. Then waste some more time importing them all again. Now you’ve lost all your formatting, but at least you can search through the records.

It’s 2007 and stupid problems like this should not exist. Hell, Windows XP still can’t schedule a chkdsk, it just reboots itself, continuously! Come on guys, fix the basics, then worry about Office version Juicy Fruit 2025.