Heat & the Solar System

Posted in I.T. Support, Our Environment by Chucky on the January 30th, 2007

Today was an interesting day. A number of clients called to complain about odd problems, all unrelated.

After a long days slog, I came to the conclusion that the Earth was just too close the Sun. The solar winds from the Sun where affecting the magenetic/polar related devices found throughout our homes/offices/world.

This then comes back to the subject of Heat. Perhaps on this rotation around the Sun, we came closer than normal, because today was a stinker hot day. And with so many un-explained problems, perhaps there was a solar flare.

Of course, clients don’t like to hear that the reason their computers are broken or playing up is because of a solar flare. I tried the idea on a client towards the end of the day and he thought it was funny. Still, I think there is more to it.

Without spending a week studying it, and not just relying on those 5 minutes of discovery channel (trade marks and copyright to Discovery Channel) we really shouldn’t discount our environment for affecting devices that are built based around electronic fields - high and low voltages. I studied 3 years of Electronic Engineering at Uni and was facinated by the fact that when you take a computer down to its basics, you have high and low voltages, 0’s and 1’s. That’s it, nothing more complicated than that! All those high level programming languages are just a fancy way of saying ON… OFF… ON… ON… etc. Think about it!

One of these days, we’re going to get a solar flare that kicks our ASS! and then we’ll all know about it. But hey, it takes a disaster to get on the news these days.

Any-who. I’m not a conspiracy theorist, so don’t get excited. Just someone at the front, taking the hits, right in the middle of things, having a whinge!

The Customer is Always Right

Posted in General by Chucky on the January 22nd, 2007

There is an old saying, the customer is always right.

You better believe it!

There is nothing more important in business than a happy customer. If your customer is not happy, you have done something wrong. Whether that be not crossing a T or dotting an I, YOU have done something wrong. The most basic thing you can do for your customers in the I.T. world is manage your customers expectations. It is a common problem for us I.T. people to assume that because we know, they will know. We just do not think because we’re so caught up in thinking 5 steps ahead and how we get their and what to do after we get there. Pull it back a notch and do that later!

Treat everyone like they know nothing and work your way up. Otherwise your customer will become someone else’s customer and you won’t have a job!

Oh, and if you do stuff up, tell them. The truth goes a long way!

Been meaning to..

Posted in General by Chucky on the January 21st, 2007

Ever since I had a nifty solution to a problem, I wanted to share it with the world, but never got around to doing it.

Well not any more!

I run an I.T. company located in Brisbane, Queensland Australia. Many years ago, I completed a degree from QUT in Information Technology (Data Communications). I’ve worked in large corporations and enjoyed the time. I don’t miss the politics. I do miss the coffee breaks! We have specialists in IT infrastructure as well as C#.NET software development (Web&App). I like to sink my teeth into it all and have a very solid base in both.

Among other things, I intend to use this blog as an outlet for all those times I find a new/better way of doing something, or I just finish something that took forever and know someone else could benefit from.