“MMC cannot open the file C:\windows\system32\gpmc.msc”

Posted in SBS 2003 by Chucky on the March 13th, 2007

If you’ve been fiddling around with your Server and the various service packs, release packs and jet packs (that is a joke) then you may have come across this problem the message above.

What’s happened is, the snap in has gone and saved how you use that snap in. But, since you’ve been stuffing around, that customisation file dosn’t match your current version of the .MSC.

Easy fix is to remove (Rename first please - you might need it??) the file(s) from the following folder:

?? \ APP DATA \ Microsoft \ MCC

You’ll find a bunch of files in here. Rename the one(s) that you’re having isues with.

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