Beware “Free” Wireless Internet points

Posted in I.T. Support, Security, Wireless by Chucky on the April 27th, 2007

Wireless NetworkingSo you’re out and about, you turn on your PDA/Laptop to check your emails and you notice an unsecured, open and available Wireless network. Wow you think to yourself, FREE INTERNET!

Well, beware, you may have just stumbled onto a network that is being closely monitored by someone with bad intentions. Intentions that include viewing all the information you’re sending and receiving over their network. Things like private email messages, passwords, conversations, etc.

There have even been reports of these sorts of networks popping up around already existing “hot spots” at places like Internet Cafe’s or Restaurants. So how do you protect against this sort of thing? Well, like most things in life, if it is free, it probably isn’t so good for you! Go and ask the people behind the counter which network you should be connecting to. Don’t be afraidĀ - your knowledge may well protect the next 100 “victims”.

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