MYOB and Forms and and..

Posted in I.T. Support, MYOB by Chucky on the March 13th, 2007

I know next to nothing about MYOB, and that is the way I like it. But if you have clients that use MYOB, you should learn how to use it, right?

Well, if you have custom Forms in MYOB and you actually want them to work, remember to set the user as an Administrator. It may well be enough for them to be a Power User, but you can test that yourself.

Sometimes, software should just be scrapped, and re-written from the ground up. This program just keeps getting a new number after its name each year, with a couple of new features here, couple new features there, but in reality, you’re┬ájust re-buying the same thing every 12 months. Fun isnt it!

And those changes that do actually mean something, like when the Australian Government introduced this thing called GST, well those updates should be FREE! People invest good time and money into buying the package, all the extras and training staff. Stop ripping people off!

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